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Considering an MBA in Marketing...maybe.

  • 23 August 2022
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I am considering what I can only call “the nuclear option.”

An opportunity has arisen, allowing me to pursue an extremely affordable education from a reputable college. A quick synopsis/pretext to my question for you:

  • I can pursue an MBA with a Marketing Analytics concentration. Or…
  • I can pursue a Masters in Data Science. Or…
  • I stick with my current educational methods: YouTube, Skillshop, Meta, Sprout, LinkedIn Learning and CXL. Or...
  • I stop fixating on education (aka “staying in my lane”).


Like many of you, I am a one person Social Media and Copywriting department. I currently use almost all of Sprout’s tools along with SpyFu to automate the research side of my job, so I might be more reactive to our fans/followers and plan future campaigns. In may ways, sprout takes the bricks out of the briefcase.

My desire for education stems from a strong need to help bridge the informational gap many of us face: marketing’s often vague relationship to revenue, as I don’t have a “buy” button at the end of my attribution funnel, nor do I sufficiently speak the CFO’s language to relay that value effectively (IMO).

I believe there are deeper, more relevant data sets out there and better ways to communicate them. Perhaps going back to school will help me find them…?



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2 replies

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@bill.braun Such a complicated decision to make, I thought about it myself a while back when looking to improve my design and social creative skills. I opted in for taking some courses through General Assembly and felt like I improved overall. I know its not as easy and that, but just a thought!

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Hi Bill, as a social media marketer with an MBA, I’ll jump into this conversation to say it’s one of the best decisions I did for myself. To your point, you take Accounting and Economics and the like and so back in your job, when presenting marketing to the c-suite, you can talk their language and have a better chance of earning buy-in, budget, what have you. 

I worked full time during my MBA program, and went to school at night, so I was able to apply new ideas right away. While that took me 4 years, it was the right path for me. 

Happy to answer questions as you navigate your decision. Best of luck to you and keep us posted!