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How do you Export/Review Tag Data?

  • 23 January 2023
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Hi, our team has recently started tracking tag data, both for published content and for reviews. We can pull engagement rates from Sprout, but for everything else, we export to Excel to be able to use data formulas and pivot tables, but so far it’s been a pretty laborious process. How does your team process and evaluate tag data? 

Ideally, we would like to have more of these features in Sprout, but have not been able to find them, am I missing something?

1 reply

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Hi @talia.johnson

When I review the Tag Performance report, I’ll select different tags in the filters depending on what I’m trying to understand. The volume breakdown can be great to look at with multiple selected, however as you scroll down the overview tab it might make sense to select just one tag to look at the totals. So just constant tweaking of the filters in the report depending on my goals. 

I also really love switching the drop down in the Tags tab to by Network (instead of Aggregate) to get a better understanding of my audience on each network. 

Could you share some of the goals you’re hoping to achieve this year? There’s a lot of unique ways our customers use tagging so I’d love a little more context to help you get there.