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Setting up new Meta account after old one was disabled

  • 26 October 2022
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A handful of months ago, one of our clients ad accounts was disabled for unknown reasons. They took the usual steps to try and get it back up and running without any success. They even had one of their admins setup a new ad account and it worked for a bit to run ads through the new ad account, but that was disabled as well. And finally, we at the agency used one of our employee’s accounts that hadn’t ever been added to the client’s account to setup ads through yet another ad account which was also disabled. All of this to say… it seems that we’ve hit a dead end and need to explore other options.

One of our options is to start a new FB page, new IG profile, and new ad account. Curious if anyone here has done this and has any things to think through before doing this? We obviously recognize that we would lose all of our current fans/followers, but right now paid is outweighing organic. 

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