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What are your favorite social media training courses?

  • 18 August 2022
  • 4 replies


Hi everybody! 👋 I was wondering if anyone has any favorite online training courses for social media marketing/management/customer care etc.? I’m writing an article and I want to feature stand-out courses that can help train those who are new to social, and level up the skills of managers, too!

Thank you! 

4 replies

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I’d also love to hear if anyone has a Copy Writing training or course they recommend! One of my customer’s is looking to up her social copy skills. TIA! 

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Copyhackers is renowned for their lessons.  I am currently using CXL, which is impressive to say the least on a wide swath of marketing-centric education. 

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Hubspot and LinkedIn have some great beginner level courses. There's paid options on Coursera and Meta has Facebook/IG specific courses via that are helpful for all things specific to their channel and a deeper dive on paid advertising. 

I’m looking for a course that isn’t a thousand dollars on paid digital advertising so if you find one, please share!