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Business Accounts vs Creator Accounts

  • 3 August 2022
  • 3 replies


Good morning all -

We are an athletic club located in Greenwood Village, Denver, Colorado and are curious as to how other teams are approaching the topic of having a Business Account or Creator Account when it comes to social media, Instagram specifically. As we move in to the space of creating more video driven content such as Reels, the limited song/sound library for a business account seems to minimize our potential reach within the platform. How are other teams pivoting or working around this that are using business accounts? Is it worth the switch just for the reach potential? Any additional information or insight is greatly appreciated!

Thank you all!

3 replies

I have the same question! I work at an agency and would love to give our clients access to the broader audio library available with creator accounts, but concerned about the impacts, if any, it would have. Such as... Sprout connectivity, running ads, legal implications, etc. Curious to hear how others have navigated this. 

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Good Morning!  I work with many brands and recommend the Business Account for them.  Unless you are an influencer or Ambassador, you should have a Business Account. You will need to have the insights to help you make better decisions for your channels.

Don’t depend on Reels as your only choice of content.  It is the “content of the moment” but Instagram isn’t set on all video, quite yet.  They are still in test mode.  In fact, analytics show that a mix of content is still performing well.  Carousels are great at telling a story and your user will linger a little longer scrolling through them.

The music that the Creator Account has available is nice to have but there is a lot of fun music in Business Account too.  Simply scroll through Reels and find any music you would like to have, click on it and “save” if it is available. Now you will have a folder of music you brand can use.

Personally, I am amazed the music industry hasn’t pulled all stops on some of the music being used. Waiting for that to happen. 

I hope this helps!  Feel free to keep the convo going.






Hi Nicki! I misspoke in my comment - I meant to ask about changing the category within the Business Account Settings to “Entrepreneur”. This gives you access to the larger audio account while maintaining the advanced insights. Has anyone done this? How do we feel about the ethics of this work-around?