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State of Influencer Marketing [Article from The Drum]

  • 6 January 2022
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Really great read on how brands and agencies are evolving their strategies with influencers. The most interesting thing to me is on the pricing model and how agencies are working through that.

Data collection was also eye opening. Normalizing the process and going beyond a simple screenshot of engagement metrics could help make influencers more professional, reliable, and consistent in their deliverables, as well.

Do you work with influencers? Are you prices public? How are you collecting the data?

Here's the article..

2 replies

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I haven’t done influencer work in awhile, and we’re just starting it up at my company (I run US social & content marketing for Teach Starter, an Aussie-born start-up that’s growing here in the US). I feel like having been out of the game for even just a few years on this one has left me at such a disadvantage because so much changes so quickly in our industry. 

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That’s why we’re here, @jeanne.sager! There’s lots that’s changed, for sure, but this is a great place to learn some of the new tricks and share your takes on how things can work. Don’t forget that you know lots and will be able to help others with your unique perspective!