Change is in the Air! Exciting news.

Change is in the Air! Exciting news.
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We have exciting news that we want to share with you - our valued members - first. Because you’ve helped shape this community into what it is today. 

Now, we’re making it even better for you. More spaces to gather around, more themes to center your conversations, and more members to connect with. Presenting community 2.0—The Arboretum or The Arb. It’s still your own community, only better. 

The brand-new version of the community will be unveiled on Tuesday, February 14. Don’t forget to save the date and explore the new spaces for yourself then! 

Between now and then, you’ll see many changes and some things under construction as we move forward as The Arb.

You’ll see exciting new spaces to engage with your peers: 

  • Advice & Best Practices centric forums on content creation, social data, and social customer care
  • Social Trends & News to chat about Social Networks and all the Latest Talks & Trends in social

  • Career Talk & Job Board to help elevate your career through career advice and job postings 

  • Connect & Discuss with your peers over coffee, through region-specific groups, and through 1:1 networking and mentorship

           … and many more!

Stay tuned, and be sure to keep checking back in. Everything that you love about this community as you know it stays the same - and only gets even better from here on out!

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I’m so excited!


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Can’t wait!

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It’s 1:49pm Feb. 14th on the West Coast.  Has anything happened in the Arb for today’s launch?  It still looks the same as when I peeked in a couple days ago.

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Hey @scott.mck - we had a soft-launch of a few locations before today. Today signifies the site-wide release of all the new stuff! The biggest differences between now and before a couple days ago is the organization of where we are communicating: 

  • Advice & Best Practices centric forums on content creation, social data, and social customer care
  • Social Trends & News to chat about Social Networks and all the Latest Talks & Trends in social

  • Career Talk & Job Board to help elevate your career through career advice and job postings 

  • Connect & Discuss with your peers over coffee, through region-specific groups, and through 1:1 networking and mentorship

           … and many more!


Thanks for checking it all out!

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Hi @scott.mck, I love that you’ve been checking in to see what’s changed 😊 Thank you for being such an engaged member of the Arb - We’re so glad you’re here. @Andy Hawkins gave you a nice overview of the new spaces above - and hopefully you’ve had a chance to explore these and familiarize yourself. This is just the beginning, there are more exciting things that we will keep adding - new spaces, new events, new ways to interact and connect with your peers - stay tuned! And in the meantime, don’t forget to join us in welcoming new members, and keep connecting with your peers. We’d love to hear your insights at our next community event - don’t forget to sign up and join us then! 

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I hate to say it, but the groups section is intimidating already…

You should not use acronyms to label groups.

All three groups are titled with acronyms I am not familiar with.  When I click on them, there seems to be no clear description of what they mean.  How would I know if I should belong to any of these groups?

I am making a big assumption that LATAM = Latin American??  I have not idea what the others could mean.

I have very limited time to engage with any type of group, but even less time to figure out what these groups are.

This doesn’t seem like a space I can spend much time in, if I feel I don’t understand the jargon.

It seems like a lot of searching around for stuff that might relate to me.

Just my thoughts, maybe I’m in the minority here.


UPDATE: OK, so I found the “about the group info” once I clicked in.  Why not have that on the title card?  Why do I have to click into each group to find out if it applies to me?

I’m on the Westcoast of Canada.  Does that mean I should belong to the Asia Pacific group?  I don’t know?  We’re not really in Asia, but we are on the Pacific Ocean.

How about a North American Group?  Or a US and Canada group?  Or just Canada?

Anyway, I think the discussion group topics might be better to follow.

Thanks for listening.



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Thanks for sharing your feedback, @scott.mck. You bring up a great point. We’re optimistic about the relevance and need for these geo-market groups based on the various regions of the world that members of the Arb are located in/focus on (EMEA: Europe + Middle East + Africa, APAC - Asia Pacific, LATAM - Latin America). That said, I see your perspective that the purpose of the group could be more clearly stated upfront. We do have a quick blurb about each group on its respective landing page, but this can be made easier to find. We’ve taken this feedback into account, and are working on adding more upfront information about the groups: check back in and let us know what you think. We know you and all our members will find value across different spaces in the Arb, and are excited for your participation and all the peer connections you will make. This is your community - thanks for being here and helping us make it even better- appreciate you!

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Thanks @Gayatri Shukla,

Glad to hear you will work on better identifying the groups up-front.

That will help people who are unfamiliar with the acronyms of various combined countries and/or regions.

Looking forward to learning and seeing more in the “Arb”.

Here’s a riddle for you….

Q: “What is a favorite place for pirates to hang out?”

A:  “The Aaaaaaaaarb!” ...of course!! LOL.

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Lol, that’s a good one, @scott.mck 😆. Looking forward to your continued participation in the Arb. Thanks for being here!