Community Question: 2024 Goals

  • 11 January 2024
  • 80 replies
Community Question: 2024 Goals
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Hi there community! In Jenny Li Fowler's event, she'll delve into goal setting for 2024. So, we want to know:

What are your social media goals for the coming year? Let's inspire each other and brainstorm ideas!


Answer today’s community question below by Friday, January 12th at 12pm CT for a chance to win one of three packages that include a Arboretum tote, notebook, water bottle, EOS chapstick and a copy of “Organic Social Media” by Jenny Li Fowler!


The Promotion begins at 9:00 a.m. Central Time (“CT”) on January 11, 2024, and ends at 11:59 a.m. CT on January 12, 2023. To participate in the promotion, engage with the outlined question by sharing a reply for the chance to win Arboretum tote, notebook, water bottle, EOS chapstick and a copy of “Organic Social Media” by Jenny Li Fowler. Three prizes will be awarded. No purchase necessary. Open to legal residents of the United States (with the exception of Hawaii), the District of Columbia (“D.C.”), Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, 21 years or older. Information provided to Sprout Social, Inc. is subject to our privacy policy.

80 replies

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If you want to still join us for today’s event, RSVP below and make sure to register via the link in the event!


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My general goals for organic social in 2024 include diversifying content themes & getting ahead on social planning! 

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More engagement and conversations! :) 

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No longer be shadow-banned on TikTok, not losing my mind. 

Increase engagement across our social media platforms and get people to repost our IG templates and fill them out.

Creating a strategy for the 2024 year to drive sales for my company.

My social media goal for this year is creating strategies for each platform and plan content specifically for each platform!

Focusing on our localized initiatives and setting new benchmarks for this program


my biggest goal for organic social this year is to plan ahead and understand how to utilize trends to help our engagement & audience grow!

My goals are to create high quality content, immerse in community management strategies, audit and track social listening more than the previous year. :) 

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My goals in 2024 is to use social to better support our business needs which is mainly lead gen. With that, I want to dive into tools like buttons within each platform and CTAs that will drive better traffic.

Our team is looking to increase our engagement rates. We’d like in incorporate more creative assets, like reels, stories, video, gifs, carousels, etc. By incorporating these tactics, we’re hoping it’ll increase engagement. 

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My goals are to learn more about SEO on social media, rethink how we raise money using social media, and stay ahead of my schedule!

Have a couple of goals:

  • Better use social to connect with clients and showcase the high quality work we do in Entertainment
  • Continue to push our strategic thinking when it comes to organic campaigns for clients

Overall just looking to level up our strategic thinking here at our agency!

Demand gen + brand awareness!

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My goals for 2024 is to increase brand awareness, boost engagement, and drive conversions on our website!

My goal is to get better engagement on our posts and to inspire more conversations with our audience on social!

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Our organization sets goals at the end of this month but our social media team goal for last year was 1 billion engagements (reactions, shares, comments, video views) on our global channels. We hit that goal on Christmas night! 

For this year it will be a goal set around moving people to next steps (website signups, etc.)

My goal is to increase engagement rate per impression, and to increase pipeline revenue by 25% from last year! 

I have two goals for 2024! 

  1. Don’t neglect YouTube - Repurpose already created content for my client’s YTs and track analytics. 
  2. Focus on building community instead of driving leads. Build trust first, let the pitch make itself! 
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I’m the marketing manager (entire marketing department) for a STEM Nonprofit. 

My goals are:

  • build our brand awareness- more than 10 million people participate in our programs, but only a small percentage know that our organization is the name behind the program. 
  • telling our story better- we have a great impact on the worldwide engineering community and I want people to know those stories!
  • build influencer collaborations for the research we do about encouraging young people to pursue engineering careers.



We have several goals for social media this year: 

  • Increase awareness, especially with new audiences.  

  • Deepen trust in and connection with local government  

  • Further establish thought leadership by providing a forum that enables more in-depth conversation about top-of-mind matters.  

  • Amplify marketing of key programs and services. 


This year we’re really focusing on fleshing out our systems and processes for our SM department. We have tons of different kinds of services, resources, etc. to promote, and we’re looking to get these SOPs down to a science.

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BIG aspirations in 2024: 

  1. Increase engagement and conversations on our social platforms 
  2. Streamline our collaboration methods/processes with stakeholders 
  3. Create more authentic and intentional pieces of content 

My goal as a team of one for 2024 is to refine my social calendar, and really prioritize quality over quantity. Big focus on evergreen content and being able to carve out time to strategize and report out on social.