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🔦 Community Spotlight: Anna Rangos

🔦 Community Spotlight: Anna Rangos
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Meet Anna Rangos, Social/Paid Media Manager at Pluralsight Flow

We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on @annarangos, Social/Paid Media Manager at Pluralsight Flow. Anna is instrumental in building the company's social media presence and developing reporting metrics. She also contributes to internal thought leadership, finding this aspect of her role particularly enjoyable. Anna describes her current role as the most challenging she has ever undertaken, pushing her to new heights. Pluralsight Flow is a software engineering intelligence platform that provides engineering teams with data insights to better understand their work.

Fun Fact: Anna has a unique collection of fragrances, magazines, and olive oil.

Recent Project: Anna recently had the opportunity to visit the Pluralsight Flow team in Salt Lake City, where she conducted on-camera interviews for social media. She spoke with a variety of team members, from developers to sales and customer success professionals, at all career levels. The aim was to champion the internal team and highlight their contributions, creating content that showcases their career journeys and the importance of the product from their perspectives.

Favorite Social Accounts:


Hobbies: When not working, Anna enjoys writing about social media tech, life, and style. She loves shopping for magazines, visiting artisanal markets, and dressing up. She’s super proud of this article:

Inspiration: Anna finds inspiration in observing how people use social media, understanding their interactions, and creating campaigns based on these insights. She draws creative inspiration from modern art, editorial fashion, old architecture, cult classic movies, and Pinterest.

Connect with Anna:


Join us in celebrating Anna's contributions and connecting with her for more insightful discussions on social media and beyond!


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Thanks for being part of the Arb, @annarangos! We’re so glad you’re here. I loved reading your article re: the Tiktok ban btw: super well-written + sharp assessment. 🙌🏽

Side note, can we talk about your fun fact? I have SO many questions about your olive oil collection. Please do share more! 😄

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Nice to meet you, @annarangos!

I’m always looking for other fragrance folks! What are your favorite frags?

And more importantly, are you a member of the Fragrance Junkies Facebook group? It’s one of my favorite corners of the internet!

- Anna Laura