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🔦 Community Spotlight: Hayley Mathie

  • 15 November 2023
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🔦 Community Spotlight: Hayley Mathie
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Join us in celebrating Hayley Mathie, November’s Arboretum Spotlight!

Hayley Mathie (@hayley.mathie) is the Social Media Strategist at Discovery Education (ED) and leads all social media efforts for all Discovery Education brands, partnerships and events. 

Fun fact: Right after college I was featured on the Today Show and was interviewed by Jenna Bush Hager.

What’s a project your proud of? My company, DE, partnered with NASA to bring awareness and build excitement for the recent solar eclipse. For my part, I had the opportunity to sit down with 3 incredible NASA scientists and discuss the event, and discover some surprising facts about space and the work NASA scientists do every day. It was an awesome experience made even better by getting to then share some clips on our company social media pages, and see teachers sharing the clips in their classrooms to educate and inspire their students! 

Your favorite social accounts? First that comes to mind is always the National Parks Service (@nationalparksservice). I love accounts that educate while also bringing some humor, wit, and trends to it – it's the best way to learn! Speaking of learning and fun, I also love Bokksu (@bokksu) on Instagram. Just like their bio says "Discover Japan through snacks" their account does a great job of exploring and educating about the beautiful country while making you want to jump through your screen and grab a bite!

What do you do for fun? I love to create digital art. I have a personal social media account (@iamhayleykaye) on instagram where I share my love for art blended with my passion for mental health. I also love to go indoor rock climbing, practice yoga, attend local theater productions, and try out new cooking recipes! 

Where do you get inspiration? Fellow social media professionals and content creators. Community is so important. Having people in this industry who you can reach out to and talk with or pass an idea by, who "just get it," makes staying creative and excited so much easier. 

How do we stay in touch with you? Connect with me and let's chat about all things social!

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4 replies

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Thanks for being part of The Arb, @hayley.mathie! So glad you’re here. You bring such an amazing repertoire in social to The Arb. Can’t wait to hear more of your perspective here. Also, so cool about your Today Show feature - I have SO many questions, do tell us more! 😄

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Hi @hayley.mathie! National Parks Service is one of my favorite accounts too. Thank you for being a member of the Arb, we are so excited you’re here!

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Thank you for selecting me as this month’s community spotlight!! I LOVE the Arb and this community, this is such a big honor 💜 

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Fun to see you spotlit here @hayley.mathie! I loved learning more about you.

You were interviewed on the Today Show!? That is SO COOL!