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Community Spotlight: Patrick Jervis, Jr.

  • 24 May 2023
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Community Spotlight: Patrick Jervis, Jr.
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Join us in celebrating Patrick Jervis, Jr., the Brand & Social Media Manager at the East Valley Institute of Technology!  

@patrick.jervis has been a dedicated member of East Valley Institute of Technology for almost 16 years, making a significant impact on career training for high school students and adults in the Phoenix East Valley. Let's get to know Patrick a little better:

💡 Fun fact: Patrick loves cheesecake! 

🔧 Recent project: Patrick collaborated with EVIT Multimedia Specialist Gavin Dunham and EVIT Marketing Director Katie Francis on the Women In CTE video project, honoring Women's History Month. Don't miss out on the inspiring videos Patrick produced:


🔍 Favorite social account: Patrick enjoys following @thehomeedit for their creative and fun ways of organizing, including their colorful rainbow approach!

🎉 When not working: Patrick loves spending quality time with family and friends, especially his adorable glam babies. He's also a self-proclaimed workaholic, always finding time for his side hustles and indulging in curiosity to learn new things. As well as volunteering in the community, fundraising, and entertaining!

🌐 Connect with Patrick:


Let's congratulate Patrick on his outstanding contributions and be sure to connect with him outside the Arboretum to stay inspired by his work and journey! 🙌


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Thank you for being part of this community @patrick.jervis and thank you for sharing your story!

I especially love the Women’s History Month video you created, coming from a family of Boeing engineers it really hit home for me. I love the work you’re doing to get more women in positions which are typically male dominated. ❤

I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.