Universal Music/Tik Tok Update

  • 1 February 2024
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As I was scrolling through my FYP last night, I came upon a Tik Tok mentioning that Universal Music will be pulling all of there artist’s music from the app. Was wondering about a few things after hearing this: 

  1. How is this going to affect the videos that are already published on the platform with a sound that involves these artists? Will the audio be removed? 
  2. How are other companies going about this if audio is removed? Would it be best to republish some of that video with a new audio, or will the algorithm work against us? 

Thanks all! 

2 replies

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@Ryann Lake this is super timely! We discussed it today in This Week in Social and have a link to a good article to read:


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Before this issue with UM, I did have one TikTok that has had the sound removed. It just simply says now “it has no sound” (or something along those lines). I didn’t repost it, because it was an older video and just for fun. 

I would be interested in knowing if the algorithm would work against these videos having the music removed, though! If anyone has insight, please let us know.