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Customer-to-social media follower ratio

  • 19 October 2022
  • 2 replies

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I have a client who is a dentist's office and they want to know if they have a good customer-to-social media follower ratio. They have 7500 clients and based on their follower count 17.83% of their customer base is following. I can't find any data about the actual number of customers to social media followers ratios. And what is considered a good or bad benchmark? Has anyone heard of this ratio before or have a source or data I could reference. Thank you in advance.

2 replies

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@raven.gill I’ve never heard of this being a ratio that is usually tracked. Is there a reason why they’re tracking it? 

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@JonathanZuluaga  I think it’s a way they can track social ROI. They are trying to figure out what a good follower goal would be. If they only have 7500 clients, we don’t want to sent a follower goal of 20,000. Also easily 20% of patients are kids who don’t have social accounts yet, another 10% are patients over 65 who also don’t have social accounts plus not everyone in the 18-65 range is on social media. So I’m trying to help them set realistic goals when it comes to follower counts.