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Is repurposing top engaged content part of your strategy?

  • 24 June 2022
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Personally, I’m a big fan of repurposing top evergreen content on a weekly/monthly basis depending on the channel (especially when Sprout’s Send Again feature in the Post Performance Report makes it so easy!) but I’m interested to see if this is still a tactic our community members are leveraging. 

If you aren’t doing it, why/why not? If you are doing it, what’s your cadence for repurposing content? Are you doing it across all channels or specific ones? 



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6 replies

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@jackie.dunham I’m a big fan of repurposing content as well. Whenever we see a piece of content really drive engagement and/or impressions we reshare it to continue to give it a longer life span. 


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Huge advocate for reposting content on socials.

  1. No one sees every post you send.
    You get new followers, the algorithms change, people are online at different times…. I read a stat that it takes someone seeing an ad 7 times before clicking or engaging. So why not repost?
  2. Seasonal relevance.
    Sometimes there’s a news cycle that aligns with your content. Or you have evergreen content that is relevant at different times of the month or year.
  3. It supports our content strategy.
    We repurpose and reference content in our events and webinars, so I mix in relevant content with the explicit event promotion to improve audience interest.
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@alanna.moriarty Solid tips! Do you change the copy at all or use the “resharing” feature to just reshare it on a different date? 

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@JonathanZuluaga Thank you! I do modify or rewrite the copy when I repost so it doesn’t feel stale, and to make sure it’s aligned with our current positioning. I’ve been playing with long-form and short-form posts to promote content. For long-form posts, I’ll usually modify a couple paragraphs from the article or asset itself. 

We repost in a short window of time on Twitter specifically. We find that allows us to cover multiple time frames and days of the week to help refine our best post times in general. It is also intriguing to look at factors like engagement based on when we are reposting. 


We are not using that same strategy for LinkedIn -- where the majority of our engagement comes from. I’m curious if anyone else is reposting content on LinkedIn specifically and what lessons they’ve learned. 


Great question, @jackie.dunham


PS: sorry that I’m late to the party! I need to make visiting this hub more of a routine. 

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Never too late, @maureen.fitzgerald-penn! Love the strategy for Twitter. Sounds like a good test and learn for LinkedIn but would likely need to be done more spread out since their algorithm keeps content in feed longer than channels like Twitter. Keep us posted if you try it out!