Managing 2-Factor Authorization and Phone/Email Contact Across Many Instagram Accounts

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How is everyone managing contact phone numbers and emails across multiple Instagram accounts? I’m consolidating control over at least 6-7 different accounts, possibly more and want to eliminate the need to coordinate getting a security code from random folks whose phones or emails were associated with each account years ago. From what I can gather IG limits the number of accounts that can be associated with a single email address to 5 accounts (but I’ve seen some conflicting info around that as well). So I’m considering the following options:

  •  Creating 2-3 IG-specific emails that myself and my team have access to that we can use for all of our different accounts
  •  Creating a Google Voice account or accounts for phone numbers we can use to associate with our different accounts

Does anyone have experience with these approaches or alternatives? It goes without saying that once we settle on an approach everything will have to be clearly documented in our password vault.

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