Unexplained Changes in Facebook Gender & Cities Reached Analytics

  • 19 March 2024
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Going over our Facebook demographics from the past year, I have discovered some confusing changes and trends. I’m curious to see if anyone else has seen similar things. 


  1. People Reached By Gender: After consistently having Women as our top reached gender (by a big majority) for years, it suddenly flipped to Men, and has stayed Men since July 2023.
  2. Top Reached Cities: There is zero consistency in this list month-over-month. I believe that some of that might be attributed to targeted ad campaigns. However, in April 2023, New York, NY suddenly topped our list out of nowhere, and has been the no. 1 city each month since July 2023.  (We are a financial institution based in the Binghamton, NY market with locations in Reading, PA, Northern, NJ, and Central, NY)


I attached our raw numbers for these two categories. I would appreciate any insight anyone may have.


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