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  • 12 January 2024
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Hi Everyone! 

Our parent company has acquired multiple brands. I’ve been tasked to look at potential brand consolidation of some brands - some will just be inactive and others will potentially occupy new roles. Has anyone experienced changing the name of the company’s LinkedIn page? If so, what happens to the existing content? Also, does this affect paid media in any way? 

Are there other things I need to be considering here? 


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If it’s anything like merging FB pages, you typically only retain the content on the new “primary” page and it ports over all of the followers from the other page. There are some requirements to keep in mind, and you’ll probably need to open a support ticket with LinkedIn.

I have changed LinkedIn page names before. If it’s a page with a high number of followers, you’ll need to open a support ticket and submit proof of a rebrand or acquisition. I’ve done this in the past with a blog/PR announcement of a merger.