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Just took on a new client, that has a youtube channel. However, they don’t know what the gmail associated with it is, or the password. Does anyone have any access with recovering a Youtube channel? Thank you in advance. 

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Great question, @raven.gill. While not an exactly apples-to-apples situation, wondering if @rebecca.spears has any helpful pointers here that she’d like to share. Rebecca, I remember you mentioning in a separate conversation thread that you’ve had your business FB account hacked in the past, and have had to figure out how to recover tons of passwords as a result - and while it’s not the same situation of course, wondering if you have any tips to help Raven out!

I do not. I wish I could help!

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No worries, @rebecca.spears. Appreciate your jumping in! 🤗

@morgncam, wondering if you have any insights here given your YT expertise! 

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Have any of the team members been with the company for a long period? Typically for a business YT, you assign people to manage a page through their gmail accounts. 

They should try:

  1. Logging into YouTube.
  2. Selecting their face.
  3. Check if there is an option for “Switch Account”
  4. If they are able to switch, then you know someone does in fact have access and can assign other managers.