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Insta Posts on Desktop (finally)

  • 25 October 2021
  • 3 replies

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Im told this was announced last week, but for those who don’t know I was happily surprised to see Instagram now allows you to post directly via your laptop/desktop browser. A rather Instagram-esque plus sign denotes your ability to perform a heretofore impossible task- save for using Sprout, naturally. 

I have only tried this using Chrome, and to my elation, multi-format/carousel posts are possible.  Hopefully more functionality will roll out in the foreseeable future, including (and especially) deeper analytics external to Facebook’s option.


3 replies

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Yeah, this is a huge win! 

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I’ve had this on a few of my accounts for several months and it was an absolute game changer! For the accounts that I don’t have in Sprout I no longer have to transfer the info to my phone and post from there. I love the desktop option and I’m happy to see it roll out for more people. I’m excited to see more functionality come to this. Like posting static stores that aren’t videos you’re recording or a live from a desktop would be amazing. 

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Personally I love the desktop version of Facebook Creator Studio for publishing to IG from my computer. It has always worked flawlessly for me and I get to schedule posts.