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What's emerging new in 2022?

  • 14 November 2021
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I am currently writing a paper for a client for internal use and not for publication. It’s primary function is to be a guide to the most commonly used social media platforms and multi-user chat and messaging apps. And very specifically how they apply to my client’s industry sector - so not just a ‘how to Facebook or Insta’ …

I’m covering things like Clubhouse and TikTok too. However, my last section is ‘Emerging New’ . 

Does anyone remember Bebo? Around 2007/8/9 I had a Bebo account (I also had MySpace etc etc etc too) But Bebo is relaunching as a ‘community app’ and I’ll include it in my paper.

So, what’s new in 2022?

1 reply

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I think lots of people have called out social commerce, but I definitely think that’s going to play out in a big way.

One thing that needs to improve for it to be truly viable is site inventory to social ads. I click on an ad and find that it’s already sold out far too often!