Non-Profit Industry Peer Group

Non-Profit Industry Peer Group
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Calling all Non-Profit industry folks, today is our industry peer group session. I’m excited to meet you all and I’m looking forward to the conversations. 

If you haven’t filled out the intake form yet, please do it now so I can better lead our conversation! See you there.



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Have a document that identifies the purposes and KPIs for each platform—such an obvious but excellent idea

I appreciated hearing from other social media professionals who also believe it’s more important--and valuable--to choose platforms carefully. If we’re keeping a platform to maintain a presence, that’s OK, but be clear about it among the team(s). This helps us convey to others in our organizations that this is a standard practice in our industry. 

Loved this discussion, SO interesting to hear what other non-prof marketing teams are doing. Really loved the questions, were direct & very actionable. 

I really appreciated all the different perspectives other marketing professionals brought to the conversation. I also thought it was super interesting that while we all came from companies big and small, we all share the same challenges. One of my biggest takeaways is to reanalyze our existing platforms to see if our audiences differ platform to platform, and if so, how they differ. Then, create an actionable plan for each social channel to serve a different purpose/audience.

Really enjoyed the idea of a TikTok working group. Great to bring in others to help “go behind the curtain” on this part of our work, and to build team collaboration and experimentation!

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I loved hearing how goals can differ from platform to platform, and if you have a platform you’re experimenting on, that can be the goal. We are working on a social media playbook and will incorporate different goals for each platform, so this conversation showed that I’m on the right track.
I also appreciated hearing that we are not the only ones struggling with organic Facebook reach.

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I thought it was very interesting to post in Facebook groups instead of just Facebook, and wondering if we should be creating our own Facebook groups.

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Will there be a replay video link and/or slides available? Thanks in advance! =)

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Hi @ryanalmusawi, so sorry I missed your comment here until now. 

We don’t have a recording to share for this session as we wanted to keep it a safe space for sharing. However, here are some of the discussion topics from the session:


Please share any current challenges you are experiencing so we can assist.