Post-Event Conversation

Coffee Talk Live: Post-Event Discussion

  • 22 February 2024
  • 5 replies
Coffee Talk Live: Post-Event Discussion
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Thank you for joining us!

We hope you all enjoyed the opportunity to connect and get to know other members in our Coffee Talk Live event! We hope you’ll continue the conversations below!

If you didn’t get a chance to meet 1:1, here are some of the questions we asked, please intro yourself and drop some thoughts in the thread below!

Introduce yourself! 

  • Share your name
  • Current role/company
  • One interesting fact related to social media



5 replies

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Thank you for hosting! Sad I joined too late to benefit… was good to see your smiling faces. Next time! 

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Thank you all for hosting – appreciate the opportunity to connect with peers across NAM!

Thanks for hosting! Is was nice to network and discuss what has been working well for others. 

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Thank you for hosting this event! I really enjoyed getting the chance to pull back and get insights from folks in industries/ teams/ environments completely different from mine. It was reassuring to hear some of the things they are tackling are similar to what I am, despite us being in completely different arenas. I also really enjoyed bouncing ideas around in a ‘room’ of people who had such a range of experiences in social while in a safe space. I wish we had more time to meet everyone who attended, maybe the breakout rooms rotate or something. However, I would definitely attend more of these sessions on a regular cadence!

For those not in my room: 

I am Reid! I am the social media guy for Starship Technologies (little delivery robots). My memorable campaign / recent social win was our Valentine’s Day / LoveBot campaign - I created a character the robot would be when delivering around Valentine’s Day and shared some funny/ heavily flirtatious Valentine’s Day Cards on social. A project I am struggling with right now is balancing the pros and cons of having a singular global channel where everything lives or branching it out based on locations but not having additional resources. 

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Thanks for the great feedback, @reid.zura! Definitely keeping that in mind - and we’ll plan more such sessions on an ongoing basis. Looking forward to seeing you at our next - Stay tuned! 😄