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Introductions & Giveaway - July 31st!

  • 31 July 2023
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Introductions & Giveaway - July 31st!
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Welcome to the Arb community, new members!

We are thrilled you have joined us in this dynamic digital space, where growth, learning, and valuable connections thrive. Let's get to know each other better and share our unique journeys.

👋 Introduce Yourself!

We want to get to know you! Take a moment to introduce yourself to the community, share your location, background, interests, and what motivated you to join the Arboretum. We're excited to hear from you!

Here are some prompts to inspire your introduction:

1️⃣ What inspired you to become part of the Arboretum community?

2️⃣ Do you have specific areas of interest or expertise in social media marketing?

3️⃣ What challenges or goals are you looking to tackle with the support of our community?

4️⃣ Share a fun fact about yourself unrelated to marketing.

5️⃣ Are there any social media marketing topics that you're eager to explore and discuss here?


Introduce yourself by Tuesday, August 1st and answer one of the above prompts for a chance to win some Arboretum swag! A winner will be randomly selected to win the below! 

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8 replies

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Hello Arboretum community, 👋


My name is Rachel Pittman and I am the Social Media Supervisor for The Container Store! I live in the DFW area. I’ve worked in social media for six years. My interests outside of work include photography, traveling and volleyball. What motivated me to join the Arboretum was joining a group of people who have the same interests as myself. I like that there is a common are where we can share information and ask questions! 


Excited to e-meet all of you!


My name is Natalie and I’m a Marketing Specialist for a mutual savings bank in Connecticut. My interests include listening to live music, traveling, photography, and writing. A fun fact about me is I was extra in the TV show Nashville!

Part of my role involves managing our company’s social media and creating content. I joined the Arb to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news and conversations surrounding social. It’s an ever-changing media, so I find it important to to stay connected and meet other professionals in the industry. 

It’s nice to meet everyone!



Hello! My name is Bonnie, and I’m a content and digital communications manager for a global organization. 


I feel like I’m constantly learning new technology - Chat GPT, project manager software, video creation, etc., and now this is a new program to learn. And I’m always wondering - what is it that I don’t know I don’t know? I’m hoping to learn new things - some of which I never thought to ask. 

It’s great to have a forum like this!

Hello everyone!


My name is Brayden, and I work on the Sprout Social Security Team! I joined the Arb because one of my colleagues, @talissa.beall recommended I watch a webinar she recently held about Personal LinkedIn Branding. 

I’ve already done that and found tons of helpful and actionable items!

When I’m not working to help secure the Sprout Social app, I enjoy spending time with my family (and my dog, Schnitzel), lifting weights, and doing endurance sports like swimming, cycling, and running! 

I can’t guarantee I’ll be in and around here too much, but I’ll try to stop by when I have a few minutes. :) 

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🏆Congrats @nyoung! You’ve been randomly selected as our winner. Keep an eye out for a message from us to get your shipping address.  

Hi Everyone, 


I’m a new member from Sydney, Australia. I work for G Squared, a digital agency. I head up the community management and social media moderation department. 


Love a good chat about coffee, cavoodles and all things community management 

Hi Everyone, 


I’m a new member from Sydney, Australia. I work for G Squared, a digital agency. I head up the community management and social media moderation department. 

I’m a Sprout rookie and looking to skill myself up! Love the idea of community to crowdsource ideas and solutions.


Any fellow APAC managers holla at me! 💃🏽 





Hey y’all! I’m Alisa Valencia Gowing and I’ve been doing social media and influencer work for about 11 years now. I work remotely from Brooklyn, NY leading social media at Lyra Health, a global workforce mental healthcare company. Previously I led social and influencer efforts at Slack, InVision and Skechers and I’ve been an advocate and user of Sprout in all of those roles. I even used Simply Measured (prior to the acquisition) back in my early agency days. Needless to say, I’m a HUGE Sprout Social fan! I’m excited to know there’s a community of users to engage with as well. 🥳