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New Member Welcome - April 29, 2024!

  • 29 April 2024
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New Member Welcome - April 29, 2024!
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Happy Monday and welcome to The Arboretum!

We're thrilled to have you join us as we dive into the dynamic world of social media together! To kick things off, we'd love to learn more about you. Feel free to share:

  • Introduce Yourself: Tell us your name, role, and what sparked your interest in social media.
  • Favorite Social Media Platform: Which social media platform do you enjoy working on the most, and why?
  • Best Social Media Campaign: Share a memorable social media campaign you've worked on or admired. What made it stand out?
  • Top Social Media Tip: What's your go-to tip for creating engaging and impactful social media content?
  • Future Trends: What do you think will be the next big trend in social media, and how are you preparing for it?
  • Learning opportunity: What are you hoping to learn and get out of this community?

Your insights and experiences are incredibly valuable, and we're excited to build a supportive and collaborative community together! Can’t wait to meet you all!

If you haven’t already checked out and join our Mentorship Network, you have until April 30th to apply:

@christina.gama @applicationessayexpert  @Gina Kirby  @amita.danilbiona  @Conor Griffin  @cheryl.carson  @jeffery.southerland  @Ace  @timothy.beard  @victoria.spechko  @rikki.mioduski  @jim.jakob  @dan.magruder  @javier.dosamantes  @Phillip  @stef.vandoorn  @NK517  @positive.psych  @hannah kang  @cocodupepe  @alisonmcolvin  @emmeline.knowlan  @Hudson Hintze  @Emily Collins Kell  @joshua.richardson  @jenna.parker  @kylie.becker  @katelyn.martin  @erin.mccann  @ameehennig  @Skyew  @debbie.hutchinson  @freddie  @julia.gottschalk  @joana.popnikolova  @nmen  @jason.chavis  @kameliya.krasteva  @kathryn.o'sullivan  @jackiednhm  @morganrenyer  @emma.mcgrath  @Global Center  @Angela Anderson  @NickPomes  @sharon.chen  @bpaglia  @terribeingsocial  @deanna.turner  @whitney.randolph  @DSiri  @will.maughlin  @dflow2307  @Nellie0004  @madison.roehrig  @justin.delosreyes  @anna.seidenfuss  @fabiola.d  @JuuliaR  @jessica.huerta  @jesscw  @katharina.kalj  @Jessica Mantini  @autumn.browngaribay  @tyler.hawley  @john.katez  @saxmiller  @eileen.moroney  @samuel.kuznia  @DMurray  @Letitia Gutierrez  @Maggie - Northwestern Media  @St. Elizabeth Healthcare  @latinocommfdn  @nwhalen  @maria.villasenor  @kjabari  @jessica.dove  @sofia.mikaeili  @kristen.schaffrath  @krista.holobar  @chase.transeth  @brandon.price  @Smriti_madhav_97  @Megan Edwards  @daniel.troy  @BaileyResor  @rqch  @lily.newton  @eunicesun  @Zach.N.  @Nathaniel Hinkel  @Zell Sarao  @Heather Walter  @Hannah Kuffner  @suki.shivnani  @jem.elliot  @amee.dominguez  @Kelsotoes  @villevaajanen  @IsabellaAndersen  @lydsummers  @sn2024  @nicolejagpal  @NathanP  @emily.nix  @JessicaBC  @sshalley  @caleigh.cross  @ericphillips  @cristenissiotis  @mutertshannon  @Maggie.Scanlon  @Niki2.lew  @wkirkham  @megan.rubinstein  @derald.dryman  @sbebnowski  @yeoruc  @pausanpar  @HammyandBrody  @jennifer.connic  @idturner  @paxton.oberg  @angelique.alderete  @paulfanga  @natashia.braneff  @Amy B. Sullivan  @william.miller  @Scott WJAR  @Andrew Sogn  @ed.sautter  @leslie.baycura  @John P. Wise  @Marc Juszak  @Chrissy  @jmccrary  @gseda  @hannah.uszak  @amanda.levine  @belle.garza  @amulyachalapathy  @michael.colombero  @kelly.doty  @jadesangel  @bryce.jacquot  @santiago.flores  @lauren.cotton  @kuipersjessica  @Kelly M Gilliam  @emily.cherkauskas  @ADAM2010R  @NinetyDegreesMedia  @CrisHoffmann  @edithmonsalvo  @teenawalker  @Kelseypilkington  @Alli Dubowski  @AndPar  @Tractor Zoom  @carly.nwabueze  @kelsey.lantry  @Alex Biggs  @emily.rice  @BrunerDigital  @thesleepydeepy  @D.Smith  @CameronMolloy  @wakuu  @awalton  @oakleighcalahan  @garrett.teague  @brooke.riskind  @erovillos  @gracie.morales  @paige.curtis  @sdaniel  @nick.chiarella  @LexTexMexGonzalez  @luisa.cruz  @kevin.selders  @Daytrip  @Linda Sekhar  @TashaHSprings  @kelly.zenere  @Astha  @lizerson  @clicks.tincan  @Sebastian Pro  @Samantha Curley-Young  @George Marchant-Brook  @Shalini_Murugan  @benjay94  @mihalis.germanos  @Yiset Lopez Sanchez  @David Sullivan  @BNMoore  @alexbirdbuddy  @daniel.burke  @Abigail McLaughlin  @greg.garno  @RepublicBankSocial  @Backfire4557  @lauren.bauer @hannah.lucysdoggydaycare  @SageStormD  @jessica.lopez  @OSkelton  @cailyn.thompson  @taryn.donovan  @Emily Wyatt  @andrea.vasquez  @elsa.lindsay  @Toddboehly  @Nik  @afuabusia

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Welcome everyone, we are excited you’re here!

I’m Laura, from The Arboretum team based out of Seattle. I’m excited to learn more about why you’ve joined our community.