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  • 1 August 2023
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Hello Arboretum community, 👋


My name is Rachel Pittman and I am the Social Media Supervisor for The Container Store! I live in the DFW area. I’ve worked in social media for six years. My interests outside of work include photography, traveling and volleyball. What motivated me to join the Arboretum was joining a group of people who have the same interests as myself. I like that there is a common are where we can share information and ask questions! 


Excited to e-meet all of you!

5 replies

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Hey @rachel.pittman! Nice to meet you :) 

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Nice to meet you @rachel.pittman! Welcome to The Arb!

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Welcome!!!! Whats your FAV must have from the Container Store? @rachel.pittman 

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Hi! Just had to pop in and say that I love your stores! 

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Hi @rachel.pittman! Welcome to The Arb, so glad you’re here! Echoing what @Marlina Yates said here - I LOVE your stores (also your App!). Some people buy Louboutins as retail therapy, I buy boxes, baskets and organizing stuff from the Container store 🙃. I also thought your “Most organized Day” (2.22.22) campaign last year was 🔥. As you can see, I’m a Container store stan.

Also, @tiffany.torbik asked a GREAT question. What’s your favorite must-have from the store?