Welcome new Community Members week of June 21st

  • 21 June 2022
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Hello everyone! Let’s welcome our new members:

@concept.designgroup @cboland27 @Samantha v Nispen @steve.lowe @jimmy.smits @carter.strid @jow @alison.colvin @karen.nower @charlotte.cooper @ashley.leconti @Heike Fuerst @gabcerami @madelynski @alex.britt @cat.edison @mandy.ang @arcada.communications @aura.leonte @SUNY Morrisville CommMark @erin.gregg @macy.bokhari @natalie.f @miche.nel07 @chaseedaw.giles @ddickson @usafb.marketing @camille.cheetham @nora.bryant @shyla.schofield @Nil P @stacey.atkinson @lori.north @nina.harrison @menna.collins @Yagmur @eholbrook @tiffs.treats @sam.culbert @sheena.mcc @mary.mcguire @austin.lieberman @khaela @carl.abissi @amari.pollard @kdavison @holly.french @JordanMiles @lindsay.bigda @paige.bloom @Jesse Raen @alyssa.frederick @bailey.huerta 

For everyone tagged as a new member, please share what is your favorite marketing campaign right now?

Don’t forget to introduce yourself in the Coffee Talk thread.

Upcoming Events:

Bari’s TikTok Bootcamp: From Getting Started to Your first Viral Video - Bari Rosenstein, the mind behind Auntie Anne’s rapidly growing social presence, is sharing her tricks of the trade to gain new followers and build a brand on TikTok. Add this event to your calendar now!

If you need assistance with anything else, let us know in the comments and we will be happy to help!

3 replies

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Welcome everyone, so glad you’re here! 🖐

Where is everyone from?

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Woo hoo! Welcome to the Sprout Community! 

Welcome new friends!