Executive LinkedIn Takeover - How do I manage it?

  • 7 February 2024
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Hey y’all!

I’m a social media manager for an IT company who’s currently overseeing around 26 accounts (though thankfully I only manage 4 on a day-to-day). I’ve been asked to takeover an executive leader’s personal LinkedIn account and frankly trying to nail down a process has my brain spinning in circles.

TLDR; How do you manage your executive’s personal LinkedIn presence?

We're posting 2 times a week, mostly sharing corporate posts or third party articles with 'his' own thoughts. My thought was to add the profile to Sprout, where I can use the approval workflows to schedule content and get the appropriate edits/comments/whatever. Then I realized that I can’t use LinkedIn to repost, only create new, organic content, so I would need to sign into the account and reshare the post directly.

So here’s where I’m running circles in my brain:

  • Should I still use the approval workflows via Sprout even though I need to post directly in LinkedIn?
    • I could just create a new word doc for each new set of posts but that feels low-tech, there’s gotta be a better way.
  • I can’t really schedule content to post automatically now because I have to wait for it to post on the corporate account, how do I best remind myself on the days the posts are supposed to go out? Set a calendar reminder? Again, there has to be a better way.

I don’t even really know what I need, but I welcome any and all advice you have for this!


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Maybe you could create the executive’s posts in Sprout as drafts and submit them through the workflow for approval. Then either do the approved post through Sprout or natively in LinkedIn. 

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Hello Jordan,

This is the overall process I have for these profiles:

  • I sit down with the person and interview them to find our specific professional and corporate interests. That will give you resources to craft or choose the posts so that they don’t look so corporate
  • Agree on the cadence of posts. Once or twice a week is a great start. 
  • I put all the posts in a spreadsheet (as a calendar) and send it to the assistant. I try to plan one month in advance and the assistant could also give you information about events they’re attending, business travels, meetings etc that you could also post about. 
  • Yes, I put reminders on my calendar to tell the assistant to post. It’s not perfect but it’s the simpler way to go without depending on leadership (they want to outsource the SM work).
  • For one executive we use Sprout but we have the same process so they can be aware of our work

Hope it helps!

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This is super helpful, thank you both!

I manage six exec accounts and meet with each one monthly to get posts approved and get ideas for new posts. The posts all live in a Word doc that we go over live during a call; this seems to be the best way for this group, rather than emailing and hoping to get a response.

I also have access to their accounts, so I publish all the posts. Every month I provide a report highlighting the top posts and where the numbers went up or down. 

In addition, I send a weekly email to 30 or so company leaders asking them to share the latest posts published by their colleagues.