Fake it til you make it? Learning the Content Creator Language

  • 16 June 2023
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When you think of a ‘creator” or “influencer” you probably have some idea in your head of some colorful video with a charismatic human with bright clothing doing something in front of a camera. And even with all that blitz and glitz, these people are quite relatable to their audiences.

And that is what brands should channel. As brands, you want your video to look nice, BUT NOT TOO NICE! You want it to be done in an ingenious way, BUT NOT TOO INGENIOUS.

Confused yet? Yes, me too. But it’s all about the community. Let’s break it down.

1. Each social media platform has its own look and feel (and audiences), just like your brand - It is important that each video is made and then tweaked in a way that it becomes tailored to each specific platform you are posting it at. Creators excel at this. They create a master video and then they use in-app tools depending on the social media platform to rank up points in the ever-changing algorithms.

2. The creator look is recognizable - Brands cannot rely on their corporate lingo and apply it to their external audience. But spending big-production money sometimes has no payoff because audiences know what an ad looks like. Creators have the power to make their videos look just good enough: they offer great production value but it doesn’t look like they are overly trying to sell you something. Check out some tips to create a great in-house studio as a brand.

3. Cultivate your community - While many are in the business of going viral, brands want profits at the end of the day. Social media is a great method for awareness but if you want to sell, high views don’t equal high profits. Building a community of viewers is at the heart of what creators do. And brands that channel that same energy become successful at social. Check out my latest webinar for the types of content you should be creating as a brand. 

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