How to grow a new brand on social media?

  • 27 January 2024
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Our social media accounts are brand new and I have five questions:

  1. How do I grow my social media accounts?
  2. Especially twitter (X) and Instagram? Any step by step guides or tips will be helpful.
  3. How can I decide what topics to create content on?
  4. How can I get customers from social media?
  5. How can SproutSocial help as a software?

Many thanks for you time and advice.


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Hire a social media manager and they will be able to answer all these questions.

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Growing social accounts requires an investment in time.

Topics should be about your products or services and how they solve your potential clients’ pain points.

You should focus on one (or maybe two) channels at first, until you start to see traction and then add another channel.  You will not get anywhere if you try to master them all at once.

Don’t expect immediate results.  Growth takes time (and money never hurts either).

Learn how to understand the analytics available in each channel (Sprout really helps with this).

Everything is an experiment and what you learnt yesterday is outdated today.

Learning is a daily / weekly / monthly / yearly pursuit.

Continue to hang out in the Arboretum and be like a sponge and absorb everything you can.

Hope this help you out a bit.

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@scott.mck Thank you so much for the ideas and advice!

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Scott provided some great insight, but something I’ve learned is; go where your audience is! With the industry I work in, our audience is definitely not on Instagram or TikTok. It isn’t worth taking up our teams bandwidth to invest work hours on those channels, IMO. 🙂