Best video transfering service?

  • 12 April 2022
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I work for a car dealership and constantly have tons of videos on my phone that I need to transfer to my dell computer daily. What’s an easy and free video transferring service? I tried Wetransfer and they are so slow and unreliable. 

2 replies

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I’ve done a few things:


  1. Use Google Drive, Box, or some kind of cloud-sharing service where you can upload to it from your phone.
  2. USB transfer stick. I have AlbumSaver, which I use to back up my photos, videos, etc. from my phone onto the USB drive and I can see them on my computer or if I lose my phone somehow. There are many different versions of this type of thing you can find on Amazon.
  3. Upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo privately and download it on your desktop.
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Thumbs up for the cloud upload option. I have OneDrive synced to my desktop so anything I upload from my phone is downloaded to my computer right away.