How to stay updated on SoMe trends

  • 18 April 2023
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How do you make sure to stay on top of recent development? Any resource recommendations?

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Hi! At my company we send out a free, weekly newsletter called The Creative Forecast and each week it includes trends, original content ideas, and tutorials to help with content creation! I hyperlinked it above, but heres the link as well:

Become eternally online!! I joke. But I don’t.

Find a few newsletters to subscribe to. Join some Facebook groups. Keep across the topics here - you’re already on the right start.

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@Jóhanna Magnusardóttir That is a GREAT question. Shameless plug coming up here - but we publish weekly 2-minute video summaries of the week that was in Social, here on the Arb. See the latest one here, and make sure you hit ‘Subscribe’ at the bottom of that page to get notifications as soon as new videos are posted.

And as @megcoffey said, keep browsing through the different spaces and conversations going on here, there’s a goldmine of information that our members are sharing!

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My favorite newsletters to keep up to date on stuff are Social Media Today, Future Social, and Social Files. 

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