Leveling Up on Paid LinkedIn? Need Help with Bids and Insight Tags.

  • 13 December 2021
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Hello everyone! 

I would like to take my LinkedIn ads to the next level when it comes to setting up conversions and bidding. Is there anyone out there that would be open to a Zoom call to share some tips and tricks? I have insight tags set up, but I’ve never done an event tag (worth it?) Also, I use automated bidding, but also understand that putting in manual bids can magnify a budget. I could use some tips on how to not under or overbid. 

One last thing I’d love insights on. Some of our clients like to test ungated vs gated content on LinkedIn. Is that a fair comparison when reporting on results? Should they just be evaluated on their own? I personally believe gating should be reserved for retargeting, but we get a lot of “well, could we just try it?” for cold/cool audiences.

TIA for any advice you have.

1 reply

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I’d still love some insight if someone has anything to share.