🎥 Watch Now: This Week In Social - December 1st

  • 1 December 2023
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🎥 Watch Now: This Week In Social - December 1st
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It’s Friday Arb Members!

This week we’re excited to celebrate an incredible 10,000 member milestone with you! Listen now as @Laura Porcincula and I share the latest news in the world of social media! Watch now:


Share some of your ideas with @Katy4Riskonnect on how you’re overcoming the loss of LinkedIn Carousels in a few weeks.

Want to learn more? Read the articles below:


3 replies

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Another great episode guys, @Jonathan Zuluaga & @Laura Porcincula

I have an update from LinkedIn on carousels: “Upload PDF’ option will not be sunset for LinkedIn carousels 12/14.

LinkedIn support confirmed that the LinkedIn rep that I spoke with in November was incorrect when she told my company that ‘upload a PDF’ option for LinkedIn carousels will be sunset. 

Here’s the email from LinkedIn Support:


Breathe a huge sigh of relief if this was a major concern for your engagement for 2024. Carousels will remain! 🙏

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Love the real-time update @Katy4Riskonnect! Thank you for sharing that!! 

Regarding the 2M, does anyone else feel like this is just some early adopters who are piloting the platform for their audiences, and that X is holding its place as Number 5 on the Global rank compared to LinkedIn at number 16?