🎥 Watch Now: This Week In Social - November 10th, 2023

  • 10 November 2023
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🎥 Watch Now: This Week In Social - November 10th, 2023
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Happy Friday, Arb members! We’re coming at ya with a new episode featuring some of the latest happenings on Instagram DMs, Canva AI and much much more! So, watch now:

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Happy Friday - fellow Social Media Managers! 

Has anyone heard any intel on LinkedIn carousels being retired in December on 12/14?

Just read a new article about this today. The way it was written, it makes it seem as if LinkedIn carousel style posts can already no longer be added, but I’m still seeing the ability to post them from our LinkedIn Company Page. 

I reached out to our LinkedIn rep to confirm but she’s on PTO for Veteran’s Day. I can share more intel when I hear back from them here in case there’s anyone else out there whose brand finds that carousels = better CTR.

PS: Here’s some of my favorite people in B2B social, in case you don’t already follow them:
🔶 Ladies of B2B Social: Meryoli Arias (Apollo.io), Chi Thukral (HubSpot), Bronwen Hudson (Uptycs)
🔷 Freelance Social Media Experts: Stephanie PoulinJack Appleby (Future Social), Jason Vana (SHFT Agency)
🎨 B2B Designers for Social: Carolina David (queen of carousels) , Connor Tripp 

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I missed that carousel announcement… thanks for the heads up!