Meta Shops "Upgraded" Checkout (ie, 2.9% processing fee)

  • 22 February 2024
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Hi guys,

Ok, I need some help pulling some data. Basically, our team is trying to decide if it’s worth it to eat the processing fee (2.9% for us) that Meta will begin requiring in order to operate a facebook/instagram shop on April 24th. I have been tasked with researching the value of keeping our Facebook/Instagram shops, and I’m trying to pull some data on how many times our “tagged products” from posts were actually clicked on. This is proving difficult because Meta has recently disabled the product tagging feature to anyone who hasn’t “upgraded” their shops. Does anyone know how to get this metric? 


Additionally, curious to know if anyone else is in the same situation. If so, what type of business do you work for/own and how did you make your decision to keep or to close your Facebook/IG shop? 

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