Is it bad practice to create two LinkedIn accounts for one company?

  • 14 December 2022
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Hi Everyone! We use a hiring management system called Clear Company and I guess it requires a LinkedIn profile to set up. We have a LinkedIn profile for our National Office and that is connected to the job site for our jobs. However, HR wants to create a new Clear Company account to list jobs for all of the churches that are part of our denomination for them to list their open positions. This will require us to create a separate LinkedIn profile for church job postings. 

Is this bad practice or a bad idea? I know it’s illegal to have two LinkedIn profiles for an individual, but don’t know about a company.

Thank you!


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From my own experience, in your specific use case, I think it would be better to have a single LinkedIn profile to post your Social Post but also to share open position. 

In the meantime, I worked with companies distributed in different countries and they prefer to have different Social Profile ( Facebook, LinkedIn, …) per each single country. 



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Hi Abby - 

Not sure if you’re still looking for an answer on this, but I saw your question and wanted to weigh-in.

In short, you don’t want to have multiple business accounts.

In your particular scenario, I don’t think having an additional account would make sense and it would likely lead to confusion.  You could potentially create a group that would be managed by those in HR and then have that on your company page as a featured group.

Best of luck!

P.S. You actually can have two personal LinkedIn accounts, but it’s incredibly frowned up and usually happens by accident. If you do run into someone with two accounts, LinkedIn allows you to merge them together, which is great!