Engage with your audience - be proactive (not reactive!)

  • 11 December 2023
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A standout moment for me in my social media journey was when I realized that in order to build credibility and authenticity as a brand, you have to be a responsive brand! When I signed on to a previous role in 2019, I noticed my predecessor was very reactive with social media, and they only engaged with customers when someone left a negative comment or question. Our content had low engagement, and the engagement we received was solely negative. When I started, I created a new SM strategy that included a level of expectation with responsiveness - a simple “thanks for sharing!” or even a cheeky emoji in response to someone can go a long way. Once we started engaging with our audience when the comments were neutral and positive in addition to the negative, we saw so much more engagement (and even had UGC rolling in regularly!) It added a whole new pillar of content that essentially created itself!

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