Billing Clients for Social Ads

  • 26 May 2023
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I am curious how you all handle billing for clients for their Social Ad Spend?  Currently we handle a large volume of ad accounts and Meta’s billing does not track per account, it’s a blanketed lump sum charge across all accounts. Any insight is helpful. 😊


Thank you! 


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Hi Haley - I always recommend having a separate ad account set up for each of your clients (even if they’re all on the same cc). Have all of those ad accounts connected or set up through your Agency Business Manager. That way you have one collective place to manage billing, but all of your charges should be per ad account which will help you then pass those costs along to your clients.

Reconciling all of those charges can be a pain, that’s definitely one of the perks of working with an agency. One thing I’d recommend setting up are payment thresholds so that you are only paying once the threshold is met and not for ever single small dollar amount per campaign.

Hope this helps, happy to answer any other questions you have.