Brands We Should Be Watching

  • 28 April 2023
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Of course there are the Nikes, The Wendy’s, The Oreos, and the Legos out there, but what other brands are you watching that are maybe succeeding in silence and about to come on the scene? Curious to know who you’re following and why? Who do you think is making waves in the social space that we should be taking notes from?


A couple of mine:

  • While not a small brand, I love following the NFL from a real time coverage, ability to pull your audience into an event even if they are at home on their couch perspective. What they did last night by testing the “channels” feature on IG to keep people involved in the draft was very cool to see - I haven’t seen too many brands try and activate in that space yet.
  • Working for a brand that is trying to make their way into the luxury category with destinations all over the country, we keep our eye on travel brands. I’ve been seeing Delta change up their strategies lately, and mostly in stories with more interactive and educational opportunities that do more storytelling than promotional shares - Keeping their elevated look but finding ways to use social-native engagements to bring out the authentic/humanizing side of the brand - as a delta customer myself it’s really drawing me in to love the brand even more.
  • Finally, I also really like Canvas presence on LinkedIn I feel them beginning to earn a little more share of voice lately, and their heavy lean into educational, valuable and actionable content I think is really winning for them.

4 replies

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Eastern Mountain Sports Is a unique one to check out! They manage to do quite a few things extremely well


  • giving fairly even coverage to the wide variety of products and activities they offer
  • leveraging a sense of community by showcasing local stores
  • Promoting upcoming events
  • consistently tagging vendors
  • showcasing online offerings while balancing with lifestyle images to keep the audience engaged
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LinkedIn’s presence on LinkedIn has been awesome lately - feels a lot like how fun it was to follow Twitter on Twitter in pre-Elon times.

US Consumer Product Safety Committee (USCPSC) has done incredible building their own meme culture over the years and getting people to care about product safety advice and updates. 

And as the Buffalo guy: I’m going to give a shoutout to Buffalo Bills social team because they crush it all year long, every platform.

I really like what Set Active does on TikTok and IG! Their content is unique to their industry and highly tapped into their customer’s interests.

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