Brooke Sellas Introduction

  • 19 October 2021
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Name: Brooke B. Sellas (she/her)

Title: Founder & CEO 

Company: B Squared Media

Hobbies: Horses, horseback riding, and the Real Housewives franchise <insert cheesy grin for that last bit of truth>.

Some thing(s) I want to learn: Curious about how others use Sprout and how we can better use it. Plus, learning from all of you super smart peeps!

Some thing(s) I’m good at: Getting on my soapbox re: CX and Customer Care. Controlling wild beasts and sassy mares. 

Some thing(s) I’m NOT good at: Singing. Dancing. Oh, and doing video marketing. 

A questions I’d like answered: How to you continuously iterate, improve, and impassion others (especially as it relates to social media marketing)?

1 reply

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I still remember you telling me about your horse riding and how it blew my mind! I’m so glad you’re here, Brooke!!!