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Community Spotlight: Joel Primack ✨

Community Spotlight: Joel Primack ✨
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Join us in celebrating Joel Primack, July’s Arboretum Spotlight!

Joel Primack (@joel.primack) is a Community Consultant, podcast co-host and ex-Lattice Community Specialist.

💡 Fun fact: I've never had a drop of coffee in my life. 

🔧 Recent project: In April 2023, I officially became a paid content creator in the B2B space when I worked with the Talkbase team as a guest writer. Long-form writing isn't my strength, so it was a great experience to challenge myself and grow professionally. Thankfully, we agreed on a topic that I was passionate about, so it wasn't too challenging for me to write about. The post is How to Structure Community OKRs and Why They're Needed, and I included 4 examples for common types of communities found in B2B tech/SaaS. I'm excited to continue creating independently via my LinkedIn, by hosting my podcast (The Community-Led Growth Show), and in partnership with B2B companies.

🔍 Favorite social account: Organization: DEMAND Community's LinkedIn page and person: Devin Reed on LinkedIn

🎉 When not working: A few of my hobbies are traveling, going to concerts (finalizing my summertime Chi plans), working out/running, spending time with family and friends, reading, & Netflixing.

🌐 Connect with Joel: LinkedIn:

🔎 Where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration in 3 places: 1) from talking with peers, 2) from continuously reading and learning, & 3) from doing other activities with something bouncing around in the back of my head (I'm an idea factory brain). 

Let's congratulate Joel on his outstanding contributions and be sure to connect with him outside the Arboretum to stay inspired by his work and journey! 🙌





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Such an awesome community member. Go Joel!

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We are so happy you’re here, @joel.primack!