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Community Spotlight: Michelle Hughes

  • 6 April 2023
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Community Spotlight: Michelle Hughes
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The Community Spotlight shines a light on an outstanding community member who is active, helpful and propels our community forward. 

Congratulations to on being our April Arboretum Spotlight Member!

Michelle is the Content Manager at Legendary Social Media, a boutique social media & content creation agency based in Vancouver, BC! Michelle’s work is surrounded with an incredible group of funny, creative and inspiring people, focusing primarily on strategy, quality control and project management for their fabulous clients. A connector, conversationalist and a great champion for the Arboretum!

Fun fact: I’d rather be in my garden than pretty much anywhere else in the world. I’m so happy spring is here so I can go plant some vegetables!

What’s your favorite account to follow on social right now? Because I can’t narrow it down to one and I’m probably leaving several out: Twitter – @waDNR (Washington State Dpt. Of Natural Resources). How are they so on top of everything that’s going on on social?? How did they get permission to be so weird on Twitter? I just love it. TikTok – @elysemyers for the relatability, @subversivesocialite for the sunshine she brings to my FYP, @nobodysausage for the weird, @oldgays for trend inspo and @artbydemarcusshawn for his everyday impersonations. Plus about a thousand more (I currently follow over 5,000 accounts on TikTok!) 

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? Pad See Ew, extra spicy. Honorable mention – donuts. Any kind.

When it comes to your work, where do you find inspiration? My coworkers are an endless supply of inspo and I love industry podcasts (my fave is Today In Digital Marketing)

Where can folks connect with you outside the Arboretum? The best place to find me is probably LinkedIn: though admittedly I do not do a lot on social for myself! You can also follow our agency antics on TikTok @legendarysocialmedia where I’m occasionally roped in to making a silly video.


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Thanks for the feature @Jonathan Zuluaga!! 🥰