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Community Spotlight: Tiffany Torbik ✨

  • 2 August 2023
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Community Spotlight: Tiffany Torbik ✨
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Join us in celebrating Tiffany Torbik, August’s Arboretum Spotlight!

Tiffany Torbik (@tiffany.torbik) is a Social Community Manager at True Classic. 

💡 Fun fact: I'm a twin, I have 6 kids and I know random facts that do not help me in any way.

🔧 Recent projects: 

  • Within our Community: Surprise and Delight - I recently suggested we ask for teachers' wish lists coming into this new school year. My CEO took that to heart and we are in the thick of it, working on getting all these teacher lists fulfilled. 
  • Within my day to day job: Brand voice - I’ve worked hard to create personas within our team so when they interact with our customer base and followers, they embody who we are as a company and what we want to achieve through our community. 

🔍 Favorite social account: Personally: @ophelianichols AKA MamaTOT or @Dopefrais ( I could watch his cooking videos ALL DAY). Professionally: Gary Vee, hands down. 

🎉 When not working: With four littles at home, life is a non-stop adventure. We're all about hockey and lacrosse during their seasons, but when it's off season, hit the road for day trips around our area like Lake Tahoe and Santa Cruz. Anything I can do to soak in every second with them, is what I'm doing, every day. 

🔎 Where do you find inspiration? Oh, let me share a little secret with you! The source of my inspiration is none other than the world of social media. I know, it's hard to believe since I'm immersed in it all day long, but trust me, it's a happy place where positivity reigns supreme! You just have to know where to look and follow the right accounts. My focus centers on content that brings joy, humor, and lightness to my day. It's amazing how this curated space becomes an endless wellspring of good vibes and creative inspiration.  Engaging with this funny and light hearted corner of social media has proven to be invaluable for my work. It continually fuels my ideas, offers valuable insights, and keeps me inspired day in and day out.  I've found my little corner of happiness within it.

🌐 Connect with Tiffany: (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc): and of course, following all of True Classic's accounts since I'm there every day.

Let's congratulate Tiffany on her outstanding contributions and be sure to connect with her outside the Arboretum to stay inspired by her work and journey! 🙌



2 replies

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Thanks for being part of our community, Tiffany!! ✨

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So glad you’re here, @tiffany.torbik. Thanks for all your contributions to The Arb community!

I LOVE the Teacher’s Wishlists idea - what a great way for a brand to make a positive difference. Can’t wait to learn more about the impact once it’s through - I’m sure your peers here would also love to hear your insights and learnings! 

PS. You have a beautiful family!