• 28 October 2021
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Name: Brad Keeling

Title: CEO & Head of Marketing

Company: Slice Wireless Pty Limited and the Slice Wireless, One Small Planet digital and social media management and forensics business.

Hobbies: Not many… I like to cook, enjoy travel and ski when I can. I live in Sydney Australia but spend a lot of time in Washington D.C. and love New York.

Some thing(s) I want to learn: I have been in the media and telecommunications business for more than 30 years so I am always interested in learning about emerging new media. 

Some thing(s) I (think) I’m good at: I got my first mobile phone (car phone) in 1982. I attended my first international mobile phone conference the GSM (Groupe Speciale Mobile) Conference which was in a hotel meeting room in Rome and the last I attended took over most of Barcelona… so I know stuff about mobile phones

A questions I’d like answered: What’s next?



1 reply

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Brad! Welcome to the group! Fun fact: Brad and I worked together when I was on the customer success team here at Sprout, so we go way back!