Hi y'all! I'm Katie Jackson.

  • 9 February 2022
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Name: Katie Jackson

Title: Digital Marketing Specialist

Company: Green Apple Strategy 

Hobbies: I love drawing on my iPad, reading, going to sporting events, and traveling! 

Some thing(s) I want to learn: I want to learn how to present KPIs better to our clients and learn more about Sprout reporting.

Some thing(s) I’m good at: I’m good at strategy and coming up with creative content ideas. 

A questions I’d like answered: How often should I be sharing metrics with leadership and our clients? How often do I need to be doing audits of our social content? 



1 reply

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@katie.jackson Welcome! First of all, do you share your drawings you make from your iPad. And, if so, where?

For your question, I don’t think anyone will ever tell you there’s a perfect answer. But

I used to share with clients weekly for some surface level things, not a full-scale breakdown. Just more “things are going well and here’s why”. Larger initiatives in months or quarters. All depends on how much information you feel you’ll need to gather before making an educated change.

That said, social moves fast. It will depend on the audience, but if you can, come up with a quick snapshot that will build into your larger goals (shared less often). I’m currently rebuilding our community dash so that people will be able to pop in and see last month at a glance and will be able to dig into additional sheets within the file for more in-depth analysis.

Just for good measure, here’s an article about sharing with execs!