Introducing Myself: Joe Huber 👋

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Hi everyone! My name is Joe Huber (he/him) and I’m the Head of Community at a company called Ascender by Force Management. I used to work at Sprout Social and LOVE the community here! 

When I’m not hanging out with my wife, Bliss, and daughter, London, I’m usually camping, writing, or doing voice acting.

I’m really excited to learn with all of you, especially about your efforts in online community building and what that means to you.

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HI JOE! Welcome to The Arboretum.

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Welcome to the Arb, @JosephPHuber. You’ll notice some familiar faces, many new faces :), and also a whole new landscape as we have evolved into the Arboretum. It’s just as great as the community you’ve loved, only better. Feel free to explore the spaces here, and connect with your peers! 

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Hey @JosephPHuber! It’s nice to put a face to the name I see around here so often. Cheers, and welcome back :D