• 28 October 2021
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Name: Alison Wisneski (she/her/hers)

Title: Director of Marketing

Company: Lady Justice Brewing

Hobbies: eating sandwiches, yoga, petting dogs

Some thing(s) I want to learn: KPIs beyond the ordinary - how do values fit into your social media plans?

Some thing(s) I’m good at: Making people “feel” things via social posts

A question I’d like answered: Is a hot dog a sandwich?



1 reply

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Welcome to Alison, the one person who I believe is more excited about this community space than even me :joy: .

Here is a definitive answer for you with no other correct answer than my answer. Is a hot dog a sandwich? No. It’s a hot dog. A hamburger isn’t a sandwich, it’s a hamburger. A taco isn’t a sandwich, it’s a taco. A sandwich is a sandwich because it’s a sandwich. CASE CLOSED!