ūüôĆ New Member Welcome: September 27th!

  • 27 September 2023
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ūüôĆ New Member Welcome: September 27th!
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Hi all - 

I have a niche area of interest - Academic Library land. I work at Vic Uni Wellington in New Zealand, in the Library as an Engagement Coordinator promoting our resources, spaces and expertise to all our users. It’s a wide audience base - 18 years plus. There are users who are studying by distance, studying while working, Undergrads, Postgrads, Academics, teaching staff, professional staff, the general public and on the odd occasion government agencies. We have YouTube, Facebook, X and Microsoft Engage. We use our University’s Instagram too. I design content for our large digital screens across three campuses and four libraries, and have organised a national academic library network for engagement and a regional high school librarian network for future students. It’s an intriguing space, and I’m eager to discover some new strategies and tactics to trial.