*sips coffee* Hi! I'm Erin!

  • 18 February 2022
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Hey everyone! I’m Erin. I have about 12 years of professional social media experience and have ran accounts and developed strategy for B2B, B2C, tech, fast casual dining, radio, travel and pop culture sites, and a small publishing company. 


In most of my roles, I have been a social team of one (1), which I am sure most people can relate to. And of course with no budget :joy: I have been at my current role in smart home technology and IoT for 9 months now after years in radio. Going from B2C to B2B/B2C hybrid has been an adjustment! And I would love to connect with other SMMs in the tech, IoT, MultiFamily and B2B spaces. I am currently based in the states, but relocating to the UK at the end of this year, so would love to connect with anyone over there as well! 

But let’s be real, I am down to connect with anyone. I love internet friends. It’s why I’m in social media!

Name: Erin Browne (she/her)

Title: Social Media Marketing Manager

Company: STRATIS IoT/RealPage

Hobbies: Writing! I write regularly for different outlets about pop culture and music, and I am currently querying literary agents for representation for a Young Adult Fantasy novel I wrote. I also go to lots of concerts when it’s not well...you know.

Some thing(s) I want to learn: Everything? How to build an engaged and strong audience in the b2b space. How to engage an audience that isn’t really on social media. How to make things go viral (I’m joking. But I am assuming we all get asked to make something go viral at least once a week)

Some thing(s) I’m good at: Community engagement, live tweeting/gifing/posting award shows and events, writing varied copy for the same asset over and over and over again.



EBrowne 2 years ago

Haha I love it! nice to meet you!

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@EBrowne I was literally sipping coffee right when I read your *sips coffee* action! My mind is sufficiently blown!

I work in the B2B space, too, obviously, SO if you want intros or you want to just say hey, hmu on Twitter!

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Haha I love it! nice to meet you!

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Hi Erin! Nice to meet you! 


Would you be willing to give me (a digital marketing manager) some advice on a full funnel always-on paid social campaign? I’ve been tasked and I’m a bit stuck on gaging the KPIs and ideal conversion rate. 


Thanks in advance!