The Arboretum is growing! 🎉

  • 10 April 2023
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The Arboretum is growing! 🎉
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The Arb is now the destination that matters in social. It’s where your peers are coming together to exchange ideas, advice and help each other grow. Being a member is a mark of credibility. 

We’re now entering a new era at the Arb. As an industry leader, Sprout is committed to giving back to the industry via the Arb—by shaping the social space and empowering all social professionals, regardless of whether they’re Sprout customers or not🎉

Starting today, you will start seeing a lot more new faces around here - your peers, counterparts, and role models from different industries, agencies, and brands from all over the world. People who share similar experiences and challenges - people who see social differently, just like you.

The things you love about the Arb stay the same, and are only getting better. This will continue to be a safe, supportive and collaborative space to forge friendships, partnerships and professional relationships. And a space where you can ultimately see unbiased evidence of your own expertise, growth and success. 💚

There will still be customer-only spaces so you’ll enjoy a tailored experience as a Sprout customer—like Sprout Platform Questions & Best Practices, Product Updates & Announcements, and Courses & Certifications

We welcome you to broaden this community and bring in the people you know and love—the social media managers, the marketing leaders, the creatives who make up your circle—show them around this first-of-its-kind space. And while you’re at it - don’t forget to say hi to the new additions to the Arb, and welcome them to your community! 👋

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